Spring, Expedition Year one

15th Granite-

At first I thought I would be happy being out of the accursed prison. But after several weeks of traveling under this nightmare sky; with it getting colder with each step- We finally arrived. The place that the Baron told us that he had scouted out and would be a prime spot for the outpost. Got to ask though, did he have to pick a place so cold? No matter. Tomorrow, the architect should arrive; the Baron told us he would be leaving a few days after us. But then we will be able to begin the next great chapter of Dwarven history! Finally a thought that brings some warmth to my fingers. Although I must wonder why the baron picked such a motley crew. Why our so called "expedition leader" has barely reached her majority. Probably some unwanted child of some important clan family, a token honor paid for some silly favor. Oh well, soon as the architect arrives, we will finally have some direction.

-Planter Kadol


18th Granite-

Any day now the architect will show up.

-Planter Kadol

21st Granite-

Still no architect. Must have been stuck in the mud, after all its about time for the southern lands to start thawing.

-Planter Kadol

23rd Granite-

The miners have grown bored with sitting around, and started to dig a shaft near the brook we passed earlier; I suggested we should wait for the architect before beginning ANY excavation- but I don't think they heard me too well over the digging. Well the rest of us are going to stay up here and wait, the Architect will set'em straight.

-Planter Kadol

25th Granite-

Still no architect, the miners have been gone these past few days- probably dead. The woodcarter took his axe muttered something ( sounded like "trees are getting to close" ) and wandered off to start chopping trees. Oh well, the mason, clerk and myself will stay up here, and wait for the architect.

-Planter Kadol

27th Granite-

Today the rest of us headed on down to see what the miners were up to. As I had thought, they had screwed up before they started. Can you believe they dug one shaft, walled it up and then another.


I told them they should have waited for the architect. I came back up here to sleep at the carts with the two dogs we brought with us. Still no sign of the architect.

-Planter Kadol

10th Slate-

Today the other planter came to ask for my advice. It seems the miners have begun to dig out an area of fresh soil, and only knowing about rock, they came to ask her for opinion. And her, knowing very little of the right proper science of Subterreanean Agriculture (can you believe she grows things OUTSIDE!), came to me for an opinion. Surely enough the fools had stumbled upon tillable land!


Telling them as much they immediately began to dig out a larger section. I looked to our expedition leader, and she said "May as well start bringing the food down." I tell you, I had not realized we had so many supplies. The Architect still didn't show up today.

-Planter Kadol

14th Slate-

Diary, I think it has become to dangerous to sleep up at the carts anymore; yesterday I went up and found a head of a monster, and blood all over the cart. I looked to the woodcutter, but he shrugged his sholders, and continued to work on the logs he had already cut down. I asked him what he was doing and he just said "Beds" When I pointed out that we didn't have any rooms, he just shrugged his shoulders again. I believe the poor fool is simple. No architect.


-Planter Kadol

19th Slate-

Well for lack of better things to do, the other planter and myself went ahead and started taking advantage of the exposed soil, and laid down our first crop, Plump Helmets. Although we have seeds for cave wheat, sweet pods, and even quarry bushes, we lack the necessary facilities to truly make them…edible.


But the noble Plump Helmet! One can eat that straight from the ground. Nothing will make the architect feel more welcome than a plate of fresh plump helmets.

-Planter Kadol

23rd Slate-

I saw the two miners, the clerk, and the mason in a deep discussion by the fields today. I went over to see that they were arguing about "where to go from here."

One miner was of the position that we should move up, the other miner was of the position that we should move down, and the mason was of the position we should stay level until further instructions arrive. Ha I knew they needed the architect. The clerk however (again speaking without any knowledge of such things) suggested we try all approaches. Incapable of making any kind of decision, I knew it! Looking at the plans that they drew in my farm plot; well now we know how the so called "old" parts of the holds end up not making any damned sense. It's because of dwarves not knowing what they are doing. I can only hope that the architect shows up, before we dive too far into this nonsense.


PS Their plans contained bedrooms (I think the woodcutter converses with devils) and a dining hall. Maybe we can start eating like proper dwarves, instead of hunched over the food barrels…

-Planter Kadol

5th Felsite-

The first harvest came in, 15 bushels all told! We may not die out here!


As you can see the hall is progressing rapidly, and they already completed a bedroom; it even has a door. But of COURSE the "expedition leader" claimed firsties and took it. Sure the person whose single function to this point is installing the bed and door of that room, the "expedition leader", right. I cannot WAIT till the Architect straightens her out.

-Planter Kadol

25th Felsite-

I don't think the Architect is coming. We're doomed.

-Planter Kadol

PS I think its warmer.


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