Say Hello to Garm’s sister. She was lucky enough to get out of Debtor’s prison!


The problem is that she is going to be part of a fun little expedition; the first expansion of the dwarven kingdoms in the past 140 years. Of course, its really more of the experiment of a corrupt advisor; but who has time to keep track of these things.

Shipped off with 6 other debtors to the frozen north, they were given a simple task; establish a successful outpost, and not only will their debt be erased- but they would be heroes!

Of course, there is the slight problem that the dwarves have forgotten how to colonize (ie I forgot how to play the game); so the outcome of this expedition is being entirely left in the hands of fate. And the goblins. Not to mention the infernal demons of the Earth’s darkplaces. It’s not easy being a dwarf. Hell, if you will notice that at the time I took this screenshot, the colony didn’t even have BEDS yet.

Now I haven’t quite figured out how I am going to chronicle this; third-person, first-person, one perspective, multiple perspective, heck I don’t even know if it should be a present writing or a historical perspective.

That’s where you guys come in!

Give me ideas, say what you would like to see; give voice to which direction the colony should go. Etc. I hope to make an update chronicling each passing season (I have already played through till summer). If you all are feeling truly ambitious, we can even set up a Succession game.

But let it be known, there is a very good chance that all of these folk are going to die. That’s half the fun. Consider the following shot.


I mean fuck, I didn’t even get the notice about this Batman. Did he interrupt the carpenter in his shop, the one dwarf with an axe? Did he get a little to close to our two war dogs? WHO KNOWS! All I know is that whatever happened, he left his head behind. I think it was the carpenter, he hit the fucker so hard that not only did he lose his head, but he propelled him away past the settlement carts. His (headless) corpse is just one square off screen.

So yeah, things die. A lot. Its going to be awesome.

But yeah the game is a roguelike, so a lot of the screens are going to be these 2 dimensional guys, consider our starting position:


You can't tell just yet, but just north of us (through the mountains) is a bottomless chasm. That's where all manner of nasty beasties like to live, like the fucking batman.

Fortunately I found a utility that can translate the 2D data into 3D, which I will probably use to give quick caps of the progress so far.


So yeah, I ended up striking earth just by the river, just south of where I said River. In that little indentation.

You guy's like the sound of this, or should I just abandon?

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