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Traits are details that differentiate characters and are generally categorized as Gifts, Flaws, and Characteristics. Gifts have a cost in DP, while Flaws give a number of bonus DP – both traits are listed along with the tier or impact of the trait (lesser, minor, major, greater). Characteristics are different in that they are secondary traits, with more subtle game effects, in that they serve as character depth, quirks, or guidelines for roleplaying. Characters cannot take a given trait more than once unless specifically stated and, in the case of multi-tiered traits, only gain the effect of the chosen tier. Nonhumans races have certain traits they gain automatically (it’s a package deal).


Able Drinker (1/3: lesser/minor)

Perhaps you’re naturally resistant, perhaps it’s through long experience, but you are highly resistant to the debilitating qualities of alcohol.

  • (Lesser) Characters with this Gift double all dice pools to resist the negative effects of alcohol.
  • (Minor) Characters with this Gift are Immune to all negative effects of alcohol and double their dice pools when resisting ingested poisons.

Absolute Direction (3: minor)

Characters with this Gift are never lost. They will always know which direction is north and which way is up or down. Assuming they’ve been conscious, they can guess the distance and direction traveled within a few miles.

Accuracy (4/6: minor/major)

Characters with this Gift anticipate movements within the swirling chaos of combat, and tend to find their attacks land true. When purchased, choose whether this gift applies to Melee or Ranged combat. This Gift may be purchased twice (once for Melee, and once for Ranged).

  • (Minor) Before making an attack, a player may opt to set aside any number of from the character's CP. For every 2 dice set aside, the Specific Hit Location roll may be adjusted by +/- 1 if the attack is successful.
  • (Major) As the minor tier, however the character also gains an additional free +/-1 on the Specific Hit Location roll (even if no dice are set aside). If this Major Gift is taken for ranged combat, the free +/-1 also applies to the Ranged Attack Zone roll (insert link to chart).

Allies (1/3/5: lesser/minor/major)

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Ambidexterity (5: major)

Those gifted with Ambidexterity may write and perform any tasks requiring co-ordination, strength or manual dexterity equally well with both hands. Should one arm be wounded, the other may be used at no penalty. In duel-like combat, the character gains a +1 die bonus to attacks when fighting left-handed with a single-handed weapon (but not in battles).

Androgynous (3: minor)

With your not entirely feminine, not entirely masculine features, and a costuming, you can easily pass as a member of the opposite gender. The character suffers no penalties to disguises as the opposite gender.

Animal Kin (3/5: minor/major)

Those with this gift have a special gift with living creatures, an affinity that may easily grow to a strong bond.

  • (minor: 3 DP) The character gains +2 dice to any roll that involves communication or interaction, with domesticated animals, or +1 die to rolls dealing with wild animals (wolves, bears, etc).
  • (major: 5 DP) As the minor tier, only the bonus for both Wild and Domestic animals is +3 dice. Further, the character may find animals drawn to him, and treat him like kin.

Appearance (4/6/8: minor/major/greater)

Most characters are assumed to be average, somewhat unattractive, or slightly attractive looking people. Characters with this gift are physically appealing to others. This can take the form of something blatant (like a perfectly sculpted face), or something more subtle (like a radiant pair of eyes). Regardless of the cause, however, the game modifiers are the same, depending on the Tier. In addition to any “game mechanics”, beautiful people tend to simply be treated better by everybody.

  • Attractive (minor: 4 DP) The minor Tier of this gift applies to those that are markedly beautiful or handsome – those who stick out in a crowd and nearly always attract members of the opposite sex. Any rolls that are directly affected by beauty (many social situations, several entertainment-based skill rolls, and so on) are made with +1 die.
  • Stunning (major: 6 DP) Those with the major Tier of this gift are stunning – songs are written about them, members of the opposite sex often become irrationally enamored, and they stick out even in a crowd of beautiful people. All die rolls that are directly affected by appearance receive +3 dice.
  • Beauty of Legends (greater: 8 DP) The rare character with this Tier is literally among the most beautiful people to have ever drawn breath. All die rolls that are directly affected by appearance receive +4 dice, and, unless the character is directly threatening, opponents who seek to attack the character must succeed at a Will check (TN = Character's Presence attribute + 4) or hesitate before attacking. The GM is encouraged to add other aspects of the story around such a large investment of points.

Berzerker (5: major)

Careful (4/6: minor/major)

Characters with this Gift, whether from instinct or trained reaction, have learned to twist or shift at the last moment to avoid the worst of an injury. In the event of an Accurate attacker striking a Careful defender, equal Tiers cancel each other out, and a minor Tier reduces a major Tier gift to minor effect for that strike.

  • (Minor: 4 DP) When struck in combat, you may modify your attacker's Hit Location roll by +/-1
  • (Major: 6 DP) As the minor Tier, except that you may modify the Hit Location by up to +/-2

Fast Learner (Special)

Characters who gain the Fast Learner trait for a specific skill pay one DP less per rank purchased of that skill. Fast Learner does not affect the costs of specialization.


Fortunate (5/8: major/greater)

God-touched (4/6/8: minor/major/greater)

Good Reputation* (1/3/5: lesser/minor/major)

Hardy (4/6: minor/major)

Jack of all Trades (5: major)

Keen Sense* (1/3: lesser/minor – per sense)

Indomitable Will (3/5: minor/lesser)

Intuition (1/3: lesser/minor)

Linguist (4: minor)

Light Sleeper (2: lesser)

You have the athletes’ ability to wake to full consciousness almost instantly without being groggy. If surprised while asleep, you can go from sleep to full alertness (and full CP) within one round.

Marksman (6: major)

Night Trained (3/5: minor/major)

Noble (2/3/5/7 Special)

* “Your Lordship” – Minor nobility
* “Your Eminence” – Nobility of substance
* “Your Grace” – High nobility
* “Your Highness” – Direct bloodline

Pain Tolerance (4/6: minor/major)

You have an incredible tolerance for pain and are able to “switch it off” and ignore it when the need arises.

  • (Minor: 4 DP) The Pain level for all wounds is always considered to be 1 lower for the effect on your combat die pools. You still use the unmodified pain level to determine healing rolls and such, however. Additionally, all combat shock results are decreased by 1 before being applied to your character.
  • (Major: 6 DP) As the minor Tier, but the effect is doubled

Patron (3/5/7: minor/major/greater)

Quick Healing (5/9: major/greater)

Social Butterfly (2/4: lesser/minor)

Sorcerous Blood (4/8/12/16 – Special)

  • Sighted
  • Faint-blooded
  • Half-blooded
  • Pure-blooded

Spark of Genius

True Leadership (5/7: major/greater)

Wealthy (4/6: minor/major)


Addiction* (3: minor)

Amnesia (5: major)

Amputee (4/6: minor/major)

Bad Luck (4/6: minor/major)

Bad Reputation (3/5: minor/major)

Bloodfrenzy (5: major)

Chicken (6: major)

Compulsion (3: minor)

Greed (5: major)

Hemophiliac (4: minor)

Ill Temper (3/5: minor/major)

Madness (4/6: minor/major)

Lecherousness (2: lesser)

Lingering Injury (3: minor)

Little (3: minor)

Obese (3/5: minor/major)

Overconfident (4: minor) aka “the short-lifespan special”

Phobia (1/3/5: lesser/minor/major)

Poor (3/6: minor/major)

Shy (2: lesser)

Slow Learner (Special)

Characters who gain the Slow Learner trait must pay an additional 1 DP per rank in any skill labeled by the Slow Learner trait.

Tormented (3/5: minor/major)

Ugly (3/5: minor/major)

Unsubtle (3/5: minor/major)


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