Skills & Proficiencies
Skill Specializations Melee Proficiency Missile Proficiency
Acrobatics Contortion, Tumbling, Juggling, Vaulting Axes, Picks, & Hammers Bows
Athletics Climbing, Swimming, Sports, Stamina, Feats of Strength Blades: Arming Crossbows
Awareness Ambushes, Court, Searching, Supernatural, Wilderness Blades: Cut and Thrust Hurled: Darts
Courtier Bureaucracy, Law, Gossip, Politics, Mooching, Manipulation, Seduction Blades: Arming Hurled: Leverage
Cultures (Specific Cultures – includes Language, Etiquette, and Folk Lore) Blades: Great Hurled: Irregular
Deception Fast Talk, Feigned Innocence, Intrigue, Mimicry, Seduction Blades: Arming Firearms: Handguns
Empathy Body Language, Connections, Desires, Emotions, Motivations Blades: Rapier Firearms: Muskets
Falsify Guises, Forgery, Cover Up Clubs, Staves, & Maces
Impress Debate, Performance (type), Diplomacy, Leadership, Seduction Flails, Whips, & Chains
Intimidation Command, Air of Royalty, Threats, Violence Lances
Investigation Gossip, Tracking, Ciphers, Appraisal, Searching Pole-arms
Legerdemain Subtlety, Larceny, Entertaining, Juggling Unarmed: Brawling
Lore/Craft (Per specific Subskill) Unarmed: Wrestling
Mechanics Repairs, Lockwise, Trapwise, Saboteur Shields
Medicine Anatomy, Chirurgery, Herbalism, Plagues, Alchemy
Occult Alchemy, (Special): Augury, Ritual Magic, Demonology, Scrying
Resolve Instruction, Leadership, Meditation, Stamina
Riding Animal Ken, Logistics, Specific Mount or Vehicle
Stealth Barefooted, Blend in Crowds, Subtlety, Wilderness, Trailing
Streetwise Blend in Crowds, Begging, Bribery, Contacts, Gambling, Haggling
Survival Animal Ken, Foraging/Hunting, Tracking, Wilderness, Weather Sense
Tactics Ambush, Command, Leadership, Logistics, Strategy, Siegecraft
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