Hero Journal: Tuöm Daemonsbane

The Order of Warsun is a militant, semi-secret holy order; their primary, but not exclusive, patron is Lathander, the Morninglord. Legend has it the Warsun Knights were formed during the early days of Athalantar; other sources suggest a deeper origin, lost in the mists of early human history.

Wherever it originated, the Warsun Order today stands as a small, determined, intensely focused brotherhood whose sworn purpose is both simple and staggeringly grand: they seek to discover, thwart, and eliminate the influence of demons anywhere in Faerun. Based near Candlekeep, the ancient fortress-library of Oghma and Deneir (the priests, mages, and scholars of Warsun have an arrangement of sorts with their bookish neighbors), the Order operates primarily on the northern Sword Coast and has been slowly growing in power and influence over the past few decades, after a centuries-long fallow period.

Tuöm1 Daemonsbane is a new Knight-Squire of the Warsun Order, recently released from the Lion's Wing monastery-academy. Following is the letter containing his orders from Knight-Commander Robert "The Glaive" Ulrek.


Light Shine on you.

As you know, our Holy Brothers in the library have been granted vision by the Morninglord and the rest of the Blessed Gods, the better to see in dark places and interpret the omens that augur the presence of corruption in the Realms. One potential point of darkness has become apparent to them: a shadow seems to be growing near the town of Winterhaven in the Serpent Vale (once known as Nentir in the ancient days of the Empire).

As you know, the Holy Order has not the strength of arms and numbers it once did; indeed, we do not have the manpower at present to investigate every potential corruption with a full company of armored Knight-Justiciars. Still, even such a small and possibly misleading omen as this one must be investigated.

You are the most promising Knight-Apprentice we have seen in many years, and I trust that you will not fail to root out the evil which our seers have glimpsed. The time has come for you to prove yourself a worthy and rightful Knight of Warsun. Find the truth of the growing darkness at Winterhaven; if it is within your power, vanquish and taint you find there and send it screaming back into the Abyss of the Tempest. If the strength of the Adversary proved too great, send a report and we will dispatch reinforcements as we are able. Remember also to enlist the aid of righteous-minded adventurers, for even the uninitated have a duty to defend against the Devouring Darkness; you may have to persuade them with base means such as a promise of treasure or glory, but no matter. Do what must be done to destroy the Shadow.

Keep your training, in both arms and lore, close. Come back to us safely, and victorious.


Quest Reward: 2000 XP for destroying the demonic presence near Winterhaven, as well as (potentially) the traditional Order's bounty of 250GP for material proof that a cult or other organized force for demonic power has been destroyed.

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