Laeith is often unshaved. He sort of looks like this guy above, but younger and more elflike.

Laeith was raised by a foster family in the town of Dorath. He discovered a small glimpse into the death of his father a year back, causing him to leave the small town where he had been studying and transcribing texts, work he took up from his foster father. Quick witted, but confused and muddled, he left seeking an answer to questions he didn't yet know.

He did know there was evil, and he could stop it. So he left Dorath armed with a mace and covered in heavy chain-mail armor. He continued to praise his god, Oghma, but with less devotion and fervor than he had prior. He is prone to fits of rage, typically caused by confusion, but typically only against those deserving.

Laeith strives to be good, but questions what good is, and his ability to determine such.

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