The Serpent Vale Campaign

A Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Adventure Campaign in the Forgotten Realms

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This campaign begins in the Serpent Vale of Faerun's Western Heartlands, a mostly unsettled frontier area north of Boareskyr Bridge. The Western Heartlands is a loose collection of unaligned city-states and free towns along major trade routes, inland of the Sword Coast. Here you will find many wild open spaces and ancient ruins, plus a few hardscrabble communities of varying size and organization; about 1.6 million civilized folk in an area about 500 miles square.

It's a good, fairly culture-neutral frontier region which embodies some of the 4th Edition storyline motifs (wilderness, ancient empires, civilization as points of light in the darkness) rather well.

Two of the most important Realms-wide organizations (the [evil] Zhentarim and the [good] Harpers) are active in the region, but not so much so that they overshadow the potential for early adventuring to ignore them.


The campaign begins in autumn, 1379 Dalereckoning, the Year of the Lost Keep in the Roll of Years.

Mighty empires once stood in the area; the most prominent ancient realm was called Athalantar, and the High Forest to the north hides numerous artifacts of their fallen glory. Next, a small, short-lived human empire called Nerath rose and flourished for a few centuries before collapsing in turn. The Western Heartlands are still scattered with the ruined strongholds and ancient relics of these two departed nations. Legends and local folklore tell of forgotten places filled great wealth, powerful magic… and fell monsters from this world and others.

The players set out from Fallcrest, a small but prosperous town which lies nestled at the base of the Serpent Hills where the Serpent's Tail stream meanders down toward Boareskyr Bridge to the south.

For reasons we'll determine as character backgrounds become clear, you are all headed for Winterhaven, which is three days' ride northwest of Fallcrest, where the Serpent Hills fade into the High Moor.

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