Ailsa Lessara

Picture her pointy-eared and travel-dirty, but keep the dreamy look.

Ailsa Lessara is a half-elf rogue from the town of Fallcrest. Only daughter of a widower merchant, she was doted on as a child playing happily in the market streets. As an adolescent, she grew to feel constrained by her life at home and, in an act of apocalyptic rebellion, approached the town glassblower to inquire about coming on as an apprentice.

After a great many humbling (and scorching) lessons, Ailsa came to learn focus and fastidiousness as her skills evolved. Eventually, her creations began to take on an awe-inspiring beauty, in some cases nearly approaching an otherworldly quality. She made the shocking choice of rejecting an almost certain promotion to a journeymanship, a career move toward the merchant's guild that would have made her father unspeakably proud. It was time to scratch a different itch: she would leave these too-familiar streets and take to adventuring the world, exploring uncharted lands and seeing impossible sights!

Ailsa is skilled with crossbow and daggers, which are adorned with dazzling glasswork. Trained by the local militia, her style of combat might have been rough and direct, but she finds a love of the battle square pushing her into an almost dance-like fluidity when she wields dual blades.

Careful to always be ready for the unknown, Ailsa travels in leather armor with her bow on her back and her blades at her sides. Her long, slowly curling dark brown hair is typically pulled back by a leather thong. She smiles easily and becomes animated at the mention of excitement, as her passionate hunger for adventure thrills her into action. Thrilling, at least, for now.

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