Lore Check: The Gray Downs

A bleak region with an ancient, haunted burial ground at its center.

History Check:

  • 10: The Gray Downs is a bleak area of rolling, misty hill country between the forks of the Nentir River. A few grim settlements stand along the southern edge of the Hills, scrabbling out a living and manning their walls vigilantly against the ghouls and skeletons that occasionally come forth.
  • 15: Even during the height of the old empires, Gray Downs was never settled or even fully explored. People avoid it because there is simply no reason to go there, with the wraiths and other fearsome undead rising nightly from the Sword Barrow.
  • 20: The Sword Barrow stands near the middle of the Gray Downs. The old human hill-clans who lived in the Vale raised the barrow centuries before civilized folk settled in Fallcrest. The hill-folk are long gone, but their grim barrows remain. The Sword Barrow gained its name because scores of rusted blades of ancient design are buried around its edges, blades pointing inward; a visitor can turn up several in a few minutes of looking around.
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