Garm One-Eye

You'll have to do better than that!
Garm One-eye, before killing the bandit who took his eye


Garm One-eye is a no-nonsense Dwarf mercenary from the Graypeak Mountains to the east. He fights with a heavy two-handed maul, and favors a linear, bone-crushing attack style, counting on ferocity, grim determination, and shrieking war-prayers to Moradin and Clangeddin to batter down his foes' defenses.

A devout follower of the Dwarven gods, Garm sells his services to caravans and traders as a means of keeping his gear maintained as he indulges his wanderlust, exploring the Western Heartlands until the gods show him his true purpose.

Garm's coal-black hair and beard are bound well with red thread. His beard is gathered into two thick braids which dangle to his prodigious waist, while his hair is a wild and unruly tangle woven through with a jingling accumulation of fingerbones, arrowheads, and other spoils. His countenance is typical for one of his race, apart from an easy and feral grin - and the purple and obviously recent scar running across brow and cheek, crossing his milk-white right eye.

Garm is a blacksmith's son. At the age of 12, Garm's mother died in childbirth of his 2nd sister. Freedkin, Garm's father, sunk into despair at the loss of his beloved. For the next several years, Freedkin grew more and more distant and spent less time at work and more time at the Bar of the Braisen Maid. He was soon spending more on women and ale than he could make in the small amount of time he spent working. By the time Garm was 15, his family was deep in debt and his father had drank himself to death. Now alone with a 14 and 3 year old sister, Garm was left to pay his father's debts. With no money or appreciable skills, Garm and his sisters were to be sent to work in a debtors camp. When the collectors came to take them away, Garm escaped and ran as far away as he could. He vowed that someday he would come back and find his sisters and buy back his family's name.

Scared, hungry, and alone, Garm bounced around from town to town picking up odd jobs. After 2 years of drifting, Garm meet up with a group of mercenaries, The Bringers of Justice, looking for someone to tend to their animals on their next journey. One trip became two, two became three, and soon Garm was a member of the band. Each mission took him further from his home and increased his skills in fighting.

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