Some "Rule Zero" corollaries suggested by the blogosphere:

The Main Cast Rule
Making the Party
The Rule of Fun
The Rule of Cool
Don't Roll - Think
Explain Failure
Three Sins
Pass the Ball

Shopping List

You will receive bonus XP for donating any of the following things to the gaming group.

You are welcome to retain ownership of items which are expensive, difficult to acquire, etc, but make sure they are available for use at all gaming sessions.

  • Poker chips, distinctive coins, colored tokens, etc.
  • Miniatures <Ian — +50 XP> But we could always use more!
  • Battle Grid / Map / Terrain Tiles
  • Magnetic Whiteboard / Corkboard
  • Magnets
  • Laser Pointer
  • Laser Level (for projecting straight lines)
  • Color cartridge for George's printer
  • Snack Food
  • Soda, Beer, Wine
  • Pencils <Ian — +50XP>
  • Detailed character information, preferably typed and added to this wiki, including at least two of the following:
    • Background/History
    • Personality
    • Specific plot hooks for DM use
    • Character image or portrait (real-life photos acceptable)
    • <Darcy — +100 XP>
  • Establish a Rivalry with a consenting fellow player, or an NPC with the DM's assistance.

You will receive negative XP for bringing/wearing any of the following.

  • Fake elf ears
  • Fake weapons
    • (what about real weapons? - DLN)
    • Just make sure you use the honing steel, hand-wash, and put it back in the block when you're done. —PFM
  • Cloaks
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