A Message from Valthrun

Esteemed Members of the Nameless Company,

I have pored over ancient tomes for the whole of the evening, and, in light of the information brought to my attention by yourselves and Master Staul, have begun to piece together something of the threat which assails us - the shadow which creeps down from the ruins of Keegan's Keep. It is too soon yet to be certain, but one thing I can tell you - a great evil stirs in the ruined Keep! The seal on the rift to the Shadowfell is weakening, and if I am correct about what lurks on the other side…

With a little more time, and a few well-worded auguries, I should be able to unravel more about the nature of the threat and the means to overcome it. You will need more than strong sword arms to re-seal the rift, so I would not advise any hasty action…

In fact, I could use an extra pair of eyes in my research; and if you intend to strike back at Prince Orcus in the most effective way possible, I would be most gratified if Master Dyovek would join me for a few hours' investigation and instruction in the ways of these rifts - their sealing and opening.

In the eyes of gods and men, I remain

Valthrun Oberyn, Seer and Sage of Winterhaven

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