Hero Journal - Dyovek

It's not as if you asked much of the old coot.

You have spent three good years fetching Enlo Redstaff's morning milk and evening wine, running messages and the gods only know how many critical comments about your "lack of discipline" or "damned young-pup shenanigans."

By "lack of discipline", of course, he means your boredom, because you take to wizardry like a fish to water and he insists on teaching you what he knows in the slowest, most plodding pace imaginable, insisting you master every simple Light Orb cantrip by practicing it a thousand times and reading four volumes of ancient, worthless theory for every spell he'll teach you.

And the "shenanigans" he so disdains are merely your response - you apply your own flair and sense of drama to the few spells he's taught you, adding bursts of color, light and sound wherever you can. You chafe under his yoke of oppresive dogma and, whenever you try to enjoy what power you have learned, he derides it for simple showmanship! The man lacks imagination, fatally so. Maybe that's why he's still mending pots and brewing potions in this worthless town.

You came up here from Soubar on your mother's friend's recommendation - an adventuring priest of Tymora who swore Enlo was the wisest and most powerful mage he'd ever met! It's taken you three years to realize he was putting you on; that Enlo wasn't merely withholding his full power until he deemed you "ready," as he led you to believe; that he was, in fact, a barely-capable hedge wizard whose half-remembered tales of long-ago adventures probably happened to someone else! If you ever find that smirking cleric who sent you on this wild-goose chase, he'll PAY.

A simple handful of gold coins from Enlo's coffers to buy your way onto an eastbound traveling group - the "Whirling dragons," a mummer's troupe out of the Dragon Coast - is that such an outlandish request, after he's taken the best years of your life and wasted your time, stringing you along with promises of magical knowledge and power, now that you've finally come into your own and he has nothing left to teach you (despite his protestations to the contrary, which of course are just the wrigglings of his pathetic ego)? No. Of course not. Nevermind that from there you can gain passage to Halruaa, and perhaps finally have a chance to discover more about your father and the noble Mage House he apparently spoke of to your mother before he vanished.

It's only a hundred measly coins; you know he has to gold, and in any case it's only a loan until you can convince the Dragons to let you practice your magic in their show - your flashy spellcraft is the delight of local tavern girls, surely it'll be a hit in the cosmopolitan, rowdy taverns of the Dragon Coast.

Leave it to Enlo to demand the biggest, most ridiculous favor of all here at the end of your apprenticeship! "There is an old keep, an ancient relic of the old empire of Nerath, blah blah blah…" Long, dull story short, the keep collapsed after some kind of grisly murder, and now nothing remains but is dank underground levels. Enlo and the other members of the Scribes' and Cartographer's Society here in Fallcrest want the dungeon MAPPED OUT, and, as he is quick to point out, will pay 250 gold to anyone who will do so.

"Go to Winterhaven, hire a few fellows to help you stay alive down there - there's monsters loose in dark places, mark my words… offer to split the gold with them, Dyovek, and you'll have your reward inside a week. Those fool mummers of yours will be here at least two, they're still waiting to perform for the Lord Warden."

It's a fool's errand, but it's guaranteed gold for easy work - you expect whatever creeping kobolds or brigands you happen upon will be cowed by your mastery of the arcane, as the fools should!

You set off for Winterhaven, determined to get this onerous task over with as soon as possible so you can begin your life of adventure.

Quest Reward: 1,750 XP and 250 GP for delivering a complete map to the scholar Parle Cranewing, chairman of the Fallcrest Scribes' and Cartographers' Society.

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