Lore Check: The Dancing Wood

A mystifying place regarded with fear and superstition, where the very trees move about and are said to ensnare unwary travelers.

Nature Check:

  • 10: The Dancing Wood is the patch of forest which stands along the banks of the east fork of the Nentir River as it meanders north toward Lake Nen. Long reputed to be haunted by mischievous and evil spirits, the Dancing Wood is shunned by travelers.
  • 15: As you walk through The Dancing Wood, you hear a wind like a thousand whispers. All the trees are sentient and capable of both movement and speech, but they move at an incredibly slow place, dozens to hundreds of times slower than you or I. As a result, there doesn’t appear to be anything unusual as you walk through it, but if you go to sleep the trees will not be in the same places when you awaken, and no path is reliable for more than a few hours.
  • 20: The wood is guarded by a circle of druids known as the Falashere. The Falashere druids prevent anyone from cutting down even a single tree, and any who try to do so are put to death. For the most part they try to stay hidden and watch anyone who enters the forest from afar, only making themselves known if it seems like a tree is in danger.
  • 25: The druids also have mastered a ritual using a combination of meditative techniques and magic which allows them to slow themselves down to the pace of the trees, allowing them to commune with them. A single conversation may takes months in real time, and during that time the druid is completely helpless, essentially a statue.
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