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Forwarded message follows. "Please keep warm and dry" indeed. Do what you can.

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-Original Message-
From: Dr. Elena Melancon <>
Sent: 8/27/2007 7:06 AM
To: David Randall, Junior VP (Operations) <>
Subject: Specimen info you requested

Mr. Randall,

Please forward this information to your retrieval team at your convenience. Thank you again for your quick action in this matter.

Research Sample 17: Plastic test-tube rack, labeled 26-S-17. Contains 15 standard 10cc plastic shatterproof test tubes, blue plastic sealed lid. 3-5cc of clear fluid in each tube. Please keep refrigerated and do not break airtight seal.

Research Sample 19(c): Biological Specimen Cartridge for Diamond Industries ActiveScan ESM Research Module (Pat. Pend.) serial number 26-S-19c. Cartridge is a 1.5-inch cube, solid plastic, with micropores along "bottom" face and red LED embedded beneath center of "top" face. Cartridge is currently seated in ActiveScan Station 3, Research Room 5. Instructions printed on access panel of ActiveScan machine will detail ejection procedure for cartridge. Cartridge is quite rugged and temperature-resilient, but nevertheless please take great care to ensure the physical safety of this specimen.

Research Sample 38: Petri dish marked "38" - agar gel base with lymph tissue culture. Please keep refrigerated and do not break airtight seal.

Research Sample Lot 4: Seven (7) caged Domestic Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus), cages labeled 26-S-4-A through 26-S-4-G. Food and water in cages sufficient to maintain rabbit health within experimental parameters for 18-24 hours. Please keep cages covered, dry, and near room temperature.

Additionally, please retrieve all Research Notes which reference these samples. These notes will be in my private office filing cabinet in sealed manila folders marked with green labels; or else in the small document storage closets adjoining each sample storage area, in sealed manila folders with green labels. Things got a bit confused as we were locking down, but everything should be there somewhere.

Note that the research specimens and sealed documents constitute Diamond Industries intellectual and physical property, and under no circumstances are you to open, read, examine, or tamper with any of the samples or printed materials beyond what is absolutely necessary to ensure their material transfer into Diamond Industries custody at our Auxiliary Site in Jackson, Miss.

Elena Melancon
Chief Coordinating Researcher, Site 26 (Eden Isle)
Diamond Research Industries LLC

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