Into the Darkest Eye

A Play-by-wiki Wushu adventure

In later centuries, historians would say that the seeds for the global chaos of the mid-21st century - the endless wars, destabilization, ecological collapse and strife in the global South which brought about the ascension of the Metanats - were sown with Fire in 2001. What few would ever see, though, was that these same seeds truly took root four years later - and that it was Water which brought this about.

In the days immediately leading up to Hurricane Katrina, when it became clear that an evacuation would be ordered, the people of southern Louisiana gathered up their families and whatever possessions they could manage to load up and headed for high ground. Most knew that they could not count on anything they left behind remaining when (and if) they could return. Similarly, the thriving New Orleans business sector was faced with a dilemma - certainly in many cases the high-rise office buildings and corporate regional headquarters were likely to survive even the worst of the storms' fury; but power would likely fail, security systems go offline, their locked and fireproofed document protectors and safes would be left in darkened offices for weeks or months with little or no supervision… The risk of (and opportunity for) corporate espionage was obvious, to say nothing of potential looting and lawlessness, storm damage, fires, flooding.

Fleets of trucks and helicopters started pouring into the city, trundling away huge amounts of privileged data, engineering prototypes, scientists and their families. But by the time the full risk was apparent, it was far too late to get everything out. Private security firms such as Blackwater earned untold sums of money for overseeing and overhauling the defense of what could not be taken - wealthy industrialists' homes, corporate offices, research laboratories, government facilities - the wealthy and powerful did everything they could to ensure that their precious belongings would be there after the storm.

But some more subtle agents were at work in New Orleans in those final darkening days before the storm, with less protective goals in mind…


You work for a small private security firm called Aegis Solutions. Your team has been tasked with a very dangerous assignment: swoop into New Orleans on the eve of Hurricane Katrina, to effect the retrieval of some extremely sensitive documents and materials from a research facility belonging to Diamond Industries, an up-and-coming bio-tech firm.

You may be an ex-military merc who now serves as corporate muscle, or a bouncer who decided to move up in the world, or a data analyst with a background in Tae Kwon Do who's along to review the data and make sure you've got everything, etc. Note that your team will need to have the tactical and physical capabilities to ensure the security of your target materials, the diplomatic and procedural know-how to avoid any entanglements with law enforcement (since this sort of armed security operation is of somewhat questionable legality), the mental flexibility to deal with an incredibly unpredictable situation, and the commitment to speed necessary to get the hell out of there before the full unholy fury of the storm descends upon you.

Mission Briefing: Internal Memo 302



  • Name: William Hawkwood
  • Summary Concept: Alcoholic / Barbiturate Addict Right Hand Duder
    • Choke Holds are so Hot at 4: — In a civilized society, one can't just pull a gun and shoot someone; that's what police do. "Restraining" is perfectly ok. With Commando Sambo.
    • Special Security Contractor at 3: — guards CEOs during their visits to…questionably secure regions and deals with the local authorities.
    • Sounds Reasonable, and You Have Such a Pretty Smile at 5: — Let's face it, you can't get what you want by beating it out of a dead horse. Schmoozing to people works better.
  • Details: After a stint with the Special Forces, William realized that one can be better off providing Security Services to the Rich and Famous. Founded his own Security Firm and for a while provided his services to the Finest of Hollywood, where he discovered his natural love of booze and drugs. After the Firm was forced to shut down due to "mishandling" of resources (apparently Diazapam isn't tax deductible), Hawkwood landed a job with Aegis thanks largely to the contacts he had made back in the Special Forces. Now if only he can keep his addictions from impacting his performance.


  • Name: Avery Sloan
  • Summary Concept: Displaced good ole girl cum ex-Blackwater sniper with a flair for making things die
    • Damn Right Some People Are Fun To Shoot at 5: Patient enough to wait for Lucifer himself before pulling the trigger, but damn if it ain't fun watching him crumple when he does
    • My Job Description Is To Shut You Down at 3: Covers operations that require elimination of hostile and hidden elements
    • Pass the Biscuits at 4: North Carolina tomboy with a crooked grin
  • Details: Avery got her first deer rifle at age 4 and has been putting venison on the table ever since. Not sure what to do with her anger after 9-11, she was thrilled to learn she could combine the fun of shooting with the satisfaction of screwing terrorists through employment with Blackwater. She left Blackwater a year ago and gets a little stone-faced if you ask too many questions.


  • Name: Anchee Min
  • Summary Concept: Scientist Along for the Ride: brilliant in the lab, but sort of a dork in any other element.
    • Back Off or I'll Grand Jeté Your Teeth In at 3: Min took ballet lessons since she could walk, lending a superb grace to her movements. She took a few credits in situational self defense during college, and with the advice of her friends, also carries mace and a small civilian-class taser: Min considers herself well prepared for any mugger who comes her way.
    • Why Yes, I Did Graduate Summa Cum Laude at 5: Double majored in biochemistry and biology, and has since honed her skills as a data smuggler. Her high intellect lends her flexibility to work around any changes in the situation at hand.
    • Honorable Friend, Please Let Me Do My Job at 4: Unfailingly polite, but abhors idle chit chat and stupid people. Yes, she can "make nice" but usually sees no need to.
  • Details: With a sterling academic record, Min was recruited early by several prestigious research firms, but never stayed very long with any of them. This was probably because she had thrown in her allegiance with the Triad - aka Chinese Mafia - where she became adept at smuggling out classified research files, specimens, and documents. Aegis is just a part-time job - college loans don't pay themselves, you know. She strongly dislikes violence, secretly loves Gilbert and Sullivan, and has a weakness for men with a strong cleft in their chins.


  • Name: Steve Washer
  • Summary Concept: Transportation expert for hire. A bit crazy, but doesn't take crap from anyone when on the move.
    • Get that thing out of my way at 4: Sometimes just steering isn't enough to get where you're going. If you can weld it to a vehicle, he knows how to shoot it. "You don't have to waste time aiming if you've got enough bullets to keep shooting."
    • Hold on to your lunch at 5: Trained on pretty much everything that moves in a series of increasingly absurd careers. According to the security firms he's the best at what he does, but if you ask anyone that rides with him they'll tell you he's crazy and just damn lucky. Pilot, driver, or captain, "Just make sure it's fast."
    • Shut up and Buckle up at 3: A nice guy most of the time, but don't try to tell him what to do when he's at the wheel.
  • Details: Quit his job as a commercial airline pilot and joined the army as a helicopter pilot. Discharged for taking a tank for a spin without authorization. Jumps between several private security firms when they have tough jobs, but he sure as hell charges for it. Races high-speed boats and drives in the demolition derby when he's not in the air.
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