Operations Memo 302

Aegis Security Solutions LLC
PO Box 14502
1500 Lancaster Ave
Wilmington, DE 19805
2200 Hrs, 26 Aug 2005

To: David Randall, Junior VP (Operations), New Orleans Theater of Intervention Contract Group III (Diamond Industries)

From: Rivka Samuels, Senior VP (Operations), Western Hemisphere Operations Division

Subject: Supplemental Contracts for 27 Aug

Final primary contract commitments show 80% completion status at time of writing. Negotiations began for follow-up contracts and last-minute supplementals at 1400 hrs today. Pursuant to that, please consult attached supplemental operations orders for this Theater of Intervention.

This hurricane is going to be MUCH bigger than expected, so some of the research facilities OK'd against projected estimates are going to be vulnerable after all - most of these new operations relate to securing, retrieval, or sanitization of those secondary sites.

Realize AEGIS:NOTI manpower 80% tied up in the existing contracts with Diamond. But we don't have time to wait for those trucks to lumber in, drop the main package, and get back into the city before the hurricane hits and everything locks down - or floods. You'll need to scrape together a few teams from what's left of your pool - small groups, helicopter insertions to the peripheral sites, quick turnover - we don't want people in that city longer than necessary tomorrow.

As per our earlier secure teleconference with the Board, make certain that all operatives are properly qualified and equipped to deal with any external interference. Situation in NOTI becoming increasingly unpredictable.

Get it done, David.

Supplemental Contract 302-Gamma-Foxtrot

Diamond Industries Site 26 - Eden Isle Facility

Operation Window:
Helicopter Insertion: 27 Aug 2005, 0700 Hrs
Helicopter Extraction Deadline: 28 Aug 2005, 0200 Hrs LATEST!


  • Enter Site 26
    • Assess security situation.
    • Report time estimate to OpCommand within 30 minutes of arrival.
    • Maintain periodic communications for weather and situational updates from OpCommand.
    • Ensure operations are completed when extraction helicopter arrives.
  • Collect High-Priority Research Targets From Facility Research Areas
    • Secure Research Samples 17, 19(c), 38, and Sample Lot 4 from Sample Storage Areas.
    • Secure all Research Notes from adjacent Document Storage Areas which reference these samples.
    • Secure electronic media from all workstations, computers, and Document Storage Areas.
    • Destroy additional documents and samples where possible within time constraints.
  • Locate Office of Dr. Elena Melancon, Principal Researcher
    • Secure one (1) Laptop Computer, serial no. unknown - Black Acer with 'MELANCON' label affixed to case.
    • Secure all hard drives, USB storage devices, and other electronic media to be found within Dr. Melancon's office.
    • Secure paper files from desk drawer marked with green labels - estimate 500-700 pgs.
    • Destroy all other located documents - shred and incinerate using laboratory equipment.

Security Assessment:
Expect little to no active difficulty during this operation. Primary elements of uncertainty are weather conditions and interference by local or federal law enforcement personnel, security forces, private citizens, environmentalist groups, etc. Standard procedures from Aegis Field Operations Manual (low-risk zones), including previous Operations Procedure Modifications from past NOTI ops hold true for this op as well, except as noted or emphasized below:

  • Weather forecasts are becoming increasingly uncertain, so swift action is your best defense against complication due to storm conditions. [Edit] Get it done and get out. - D.R.
  • External attention is to be avoided at all costs. While this operation is entirely legal, third-party interference will only serve to slow down the operation and may inadvertently compromise the confidentiality of client documentation. Use of moderate physical force is authorized to remove unruly civilians, and physical obstruction of entry or interference by "authority" personnel is suggested. [Edit] Call home, get our lawyers on their bosses, and hold them off until they get word to leave you alone. You know the drill here. -D.R.
  • The samples described for this site should be considered extremely sensitive material - fragile items should be handled with utmost care, ruggedized where possible before transport, and under no circumstances misplaced, handed over to non-Aegis personnel, or damaged. [Edit] You Break it, you Bought it. And you can't afford ANY of this stuff. - D.R.

HQ Suggested Operatives: Hawkwood, Sloan, Sikorsky [Edit] Sikorsky broke his ankle playing basketball this weekend. Putz. We'll find you a third. - D.R.

Additional Notes from Operations Command:
This is an ad-hoc team, and the Personnel Dept's psych profiler hasn't had time to do a full compatibility analysis - especially given the variable third agent! But as usual I expect your consummate professionalism to overcome any momentary difficulties in the execution of this operation. - D.R.

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